The Female Army (zusätzliche Schnur)


Das ist richtig: eine Armee nur aus Mädchen. Für jedes Festival kommt Sie aus der Kaserne und ist kampfbereit. Die Waffen? Eine Menge Glitter, Blumen, Selbstbräuner, Federn und kleine Festivalgadgets. Das Ergebnis? Viele Pick-Up Lines mit denen Du bombardiert wirst. Und wahrscheinlich auch neidische Blicke von anderen Kämpferinnen.

Obwohl Camouflage normalerweise der Nichtentdeckung dienen soll, wirst Du mit dieser Kyky-Kordel definitiv auffallen. Genau wie Du wahrscheinlich irgendwo eine Kyky-Kordel entdeckt hast und auf diese Website gekommen bist. Der Kreis ist rund. Das ist er immer.

Und wirst Du in Glamourösem Gold oder Atemberaubendem Silber in den Krieg ziehen? (Wir lieben das Gold in diesem Fall….)

Auswahl zurücksetzen

Genug Handyketten übrig. Für alle.


With this extra separate cord, you can easily change your look. Just replace the cord of your Kyky Phonechain and you are good to go!

First choose your primary cord + case in the Shop, and then select your extra cord here!

We got an offer that you can’t refuse! In addition to your case + cord, we will throw in an extra cord for a total of € 35,- (with free shipping).

(One Kyky phonecord with case costs you € 25,- plus € 2,95 shipping (in NL+BE).

That’s up to you obviously! Choose one of our awesome colors, select your phone model and decide if you want Glamorous Gold or Stunning Silver. At home, you can easily insert your phone in the case and you are good to go! Send us your pics at @kykyamsterdam to be featured in our feed!

Kyky is made from high quality, verrrrrrrrry long lasting (cute) rope. It will last you a lifetime. Literally. You are gonna grow old with this one, lady!

It doesn’t stain, smell, fade or get dirty. Please show us some photographical evidence if you claim otherwise.

So what do you wanna know? Our delivery fee? It’s € 2,95 for deliveries in NL and BE (and free above € 30,-).

What else? Delivery time? Orders placed before 16 o’clock, will be shipped the same day.

Type of package? Your Kyky Amsterdam cord fits in a small package so it fits your mailbox. You don’t have to be at home to receive it!

Cuteness of the delivery guy? We try to select only the cutest ones for our lovely customers. Send us your delivery-man-selfie @kykyamsterdam and you’ll win… possibly an awkward situation.

Well mister… You are not thrown away by this slightly girl-oriented website? You are wondering if you should have a Kyky cord too? Will it look handsome on you? The short answer is: Yes. The long answer is: Yesssssssssssssssss! You go boy! Get that cord and rock it like it’s nobody’s business!

Plus: Only for the guys, we have a little extra surprise…. (Sorry ladies).

Go on… Check em out: FAQs. But come back!

Zusätzliche Information




Approx. 1.50 meter. Precisely enough to snug your body just right!


You could literally lift 3 panda's (300 kg) with Kyky. Try at your own risk.


Transparant silicone case & ultra durable polypropylene cord (6 mm).

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